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Boat hire in Javea

Here’s a fairly common question which is about boat hire in Javea, or boats for sale in Javea:

rib boat hire in javeaHi everyone,
I’m thinking about buying a small (up to 20 foot) motor boat to keep at my house in Javea, Spain. The idea is to keep it on a trailer, parked on the drive… and launch at the local marina for the weeks we’re out there…
This will be my first sea boat (I have no idea what to go for). Can someone give some advice on the registration / paper work side of things?
Most boats I look at online are registered in Spain… is this a problem? Will I need to re-register it to the UK? Also, are there any registration issues with the trailer? Any help or ideas would be appreciated.’

Denia Yacht Charters Answer!

Posts like these appear on forums all over the Costa Blanca. Like most things in life, there is no one answer fits all, unfortunately.
So I shall try and answer the most generic way possible, from my own experiences. Firstly, DON’T BUY a boat! The reasons for this are varied. The guy writing the above really didn’t have a clue what he wanted, or even if he was going to enjoy the experience.

motor boat hire in javeaSpending upwards of 5,000€ on a small boat, only to find you are horrendously sea sick, is a poor use of money. There’s an almost certain big loss about to hit your pocket. So my first advice is to look for ads ‘boat hire in Javea’. You might just get lucky and find a company who can rent you a small 4m rib for something like 5 to 700 a week. Yes, it sounds a lot but to for boat hire in Javea, a small boat needs to be maintained. Don’t forget mooring costs and all local and Valencian taxes which need to be paid etc. Also, maintenance has to be up to a very high standard.

How to enjoy your boating experience…

As the hirer, you step on the boat at the beginning, enjoy, and then step off at the end. Your responsibilities are then over. No trailer to worry about, no maintenance to do, no flares out of date, the list is endless. You’ll soon find the 500€ you spent, was very well worth it. So, to finalise, I repeat, look for a boat hire in Javea, and you won’t go wrong!

boat hire in javea
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