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Boat Rental Javea

Boat Rental Javea

We suggest boat rental Javea! Are you thinking of a shiny new sports, or motorboat? Maybe not enough though, to rush out and spend the £20,000 it might well take? Also there’s that expensive long-term cash obligation that comes with it.

Boat rental Javea from denia yacht chartersJavea is without doubt one of the finest places on the Costa Blanca, to fulfill all your boaty fantasies without any of the usual financial burdens. This is the best place to rent a boat and to enjoy it.

Consequently, Boat rental Javea is a great place to rent so that the decision to buy later, will be the right one

Renting a boat is very much like renting a car. And Boat rental Javea is no exception. The one thing all boat rental businesses will need to see is your drivers license, and your passport, all for identification purposes. Also, you will need to have passed the ICC (International Certificate of Competence — motor boats). This might seem a problem, but we at Denia Yacht Charters can arrange for a short course for you to complete before you approach boat rental Javea.

Rental companies also prefer their customers to have some experience in a boat of a similar size to the one they are renting. Again, don’tBoat rental Javea from denia yacht charters in spain worry as we can provide a skipper who will give some experience and will update your logbook as proof for the future.

It’s a good idea to save your receipts each time you rent a boat! This gives you further proof of competence.

Boating schools can be found all over Spain but the courses we provide are extremely comprehensive and easy to pass.

Discounts in the boat rental Javea industry also are commonplace for returning clients. Our advice therefore is to find a company (like Denia Yacht Charters) you can trust and stick with them. Discounts are available to good clients!

Off-season discounts are also available for boat rentals Javea, exactly the same as for off peak hotel rooms. Boat rental rates hit a peak in the summer season, when tourists are many.

Once you have found the type of boat you would like to buy, through the experience you have had with boat rentals Javea, come back to us, and we can help source a quality example of what you want.

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  1. Dear Sirs,
    My name is Jerzy Bobrowicz, I’ve holiday house in Moraira. We spend several weeks there during year. I want to rent motor boat ( 30–40) this August for several days for my familly. I just passed RYA Day Skipper and VHF . Could by nice if is possible to get master asistance for this period which will asist and train me in within this days. I thing about 2–3 days with same nice voyages from Moraira, maybe visit Ibiisa.

    Regards from Poland
    Jerzy Bobrowicz

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