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Cala Sardinera — To Sardine Bay With Denia Yacht Charters

Cala Sardinera (Sardine Bay)

To Sardine Bay with Denia Yacht Charters
To Sardine Bay with Denia Yacht Charters

Heading for Sardine Bay?

Leave the Denia Marina port entrance, turn right heading south to where the famous Montgo mountain dives down into the Mediterranean at the Cabo De Santo Antonio and to stunning Javea. There are many beautiful bays and anchorages on this bit of coastline so it’s coast hopping at your leisure! The first stunning bay is called Cala Sardinera, known for the myriads of Sardines which inhabit the area.

Here you will find plenty of other boats of all types and sizes, all enjoying the scenery and some will stay the night. Sit in the cockpit and watch the sun going down, catch a late swim with the fish. It’s all quite overpoweringly beautiful.

From the land side, access is only available on foot and you follow a path from the Mirador de la Cruz del Portitxol. Views from here are spectacular and you wind your way via a path taking you through a mini nature reserve. The journey up or down is well worth it and takes about 15 minutes.

Years ago, the cove and beach were used by fishermen who would fish at sunrise and sunset twice a day for Sardines, hence the name! Snorkelling is popular here but it is worth wearing protective footwear. The rocks under the surface are hard on the feet!

Pass Montgo on the way to Sardine Bay

sardine bay
Google Earth View of Sardine Bay
Cala Sardinera
Cala Sardinera (Sardine Bay) from the Land side

Sardine Bay, or to call it it’s correct name, Cala Sardinera, is one of our favourite places to go. Certainly if the wind is from a southerly direction, Its a great sheltered spot for the night. Look over the side and watch the sardines play. Try catch them for supper! They are canny little devils, and will hang around waiting for the bits of bread to get too wet and fall off the hooks! Whatever you do while there, it is a beautiful and relaxing experience and at around two hours sailing away, its a perfect day destination.

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  1. We did this exact trip for the first time, many years ago, and have been back every summer quite a number of times since. This and Portixol are our favourite spots. Definitely recommend Cala Sardinera to your renters. We find the best times are in June/July and September/October, as it can get crowded, but if you’re early or late, you’ll find a spot, as a lot of boats don’t stay the night.You’re right about the fish! I’ve never managed to catch one…

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